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Supreme & Chewie – Snaggletooth

This track Snaggletooth was up on Ganjaology a few months ago before the song was released.  Now it’s available exclusively through for free! This tracks an absolute banger.  It’s rubbery, wobbly, crunchy, and downright dirty.  Enjoy!

Supreme – Back To School Mix

Summer is over! It’s official.  I saw Autumn get blown in yesterday with the a strong presence and a cool breeze.  It’s time for a lot of you out there to get back to school.  To kick of the school year Supreme is blessing you all with a huge mix featuring a mighty list of artists to get your Autumn vibes correct.  This mix is not for the weak hearted, embrace the heavy riddims!


1. Requake – Fatality (Megalodon Remix) [DUB]
2. Jakes – Rhythm VIP [DUB]
3. Temo and Apollo – Kung Fu [DUB]
4. Requake – No Pain No Gain [Forthcoming Bassclash]
5. Hizzleguy – Drunk Dub (Dismantle Remix) [White Label]
6. Megalodon – Sparta [Forthcoming Sin City]
7. Supreme and Farkas – Pandemonium [DUB]
8. Megalodon – Heavyweight (Supreme Remix) [Forthcoming Brap Dem!]
9. Taiki & Nulight – Kuroshira V [DUB]
10. Cyberoptics – Harlequin Dreams (Megalodon Remix) [DUB]
11. Truth & Kromestar – Reality Twist [FREE]
12. Dream – Dub Runner (Taiki & Nulight Remix) [DUB]
13. Dream – Dub Runner (Supreme Remix Feat. Doctor) [DUB]
14. Dream – Dub Runner VIP [DUB]
15. Antiserum & Dubsworth – Paragon [DUB]
16. Apollo – Can’t Test [DUB]
17. Megalodon – Loma Me Now [DUB]
18. The Others – The Way You Make Me [Dub Police]
19. Megalodon – Mercy Killing VIP [DUB]
20. Jakes – Cadi [DUB]
21. Coki – Bedouins [DUB]
22. Laxx & Farkas – Creature [Biscuit Factory]
23. Filth Collins – Terrordome [DUB]
24. Diplo & Oliver Twizt – Go (Filthy Disco Remix) [FREE]
25. Farkas – Your Language VIP [DUB]
26. The Aliens – Enough Said (Megalodon Remix) [DUB]
27. Supreme & Disonata – Vice [DUB]
28. Hizzleguy & Screenage Feat. Beezy – Mortified [DUB]
29. Supreme & Chewie – Snaggletooth [DUB]
30. Supreme & Antiserum – Lifted [DUB]
31. Megalodon – Wicked So [DUB]
32. Unitz – I Wanna Make Luv 2 U [DUB]
33. Farkas – Tribal Dance VIP [DUB]

Supreme and Chewie – Snaggletooth

That erie intro matched up with the name ‘Snaggletooth’ makes this song an automatic winner.  This track contains that very distinct San Fran sound with a chunky, chugging, wobble that gets deep below the skin.  Supreme and Chewie did some nice work on this one.  We’ll be waiting for the release!


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