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Pursuit of Beba – Kid Cudi VS Pantyraid (Boreta Mashup)

So Beba, produced by Pantyraid, was by far the most moving and womping song off the first self titled PantyRaid album.  Pursuit of Happiness, produced by Ratatat with lyrics by Kid Cudi, caught the hip-hop scene by surprise and was 2010’s theme song worldwide.  THIS MASHUP IS INCREDIBLE!  It makes sense that Boreta of Glitch mob would do this mashup since one of the members of Pantyraid, Ooah, is also part of Glitch Mob.  From the first kick drum this track thumps with intensity and is controlled by the beautiful melodic work of Ratatat. GOD DAMN!

Narcotic Rhythms by OPIUO

Hailing from New Zealand, via Melbourne, Australia; Opiuo is spreading his sound around the globe with superb energy. Appearing along side artists like Freq Nasty and Marty Party on the 2011 Monsters of Bass Tour, Opuio is making a name for himself as a premier DJ/producer at an international level. We recently had the opportunity to see  Opiuo along with plenty other heady artists in Black Rock City, Nevada this past week at Burning Man. I must say, his performances cut through all the craziness of the festival and forced me to listen, making Opiuo one of my favorites from the week.

Below, I’ve included a handful of must listen tracks so that y’all can get a taste of this nasty narcosis – ENJOY!

Opiuo – Robo Booty

Ray! – Good Times (Opiuo Remix)

Neighbor + Spilt Milk – Get With This (Opiuo Remix)

Lil Wayne – PussyMoneyWeed (MartyParty Purple Remix)

WOW! This remix is heavy and a beautiful example of MartyParty’s PURPLE music.  The purple movement is in action and MartyParty is leading the pack.

Wiz Khalifa – On My Level (DeathStar FutureBass Remix)

Woooooow!! I heard this remix when MartyParty came out with the Twisted Summer mix a month ago and spent a little time looking for the unreleased track under MartyParty’s name.  MartyParty obviously had a huge hand in the song, but so did Minnesota, and together they form the group DeathStar.  They just released their new EP, Ultravioilet Halo, and on it is DeathStars incredible remix of Wiz Khalifa’s On My Level.  This is hands down the hottest track on the EP and hopefully it will be getting some well deserved play worldwide.  Check this track out and visit MartyParty’s website HERE for the brand new, and free, DeathStar EP.


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